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How to Keep the Impossible Dream Alive
by Alan Joel

So what do you do when you've been dreaming the impossible dream and one day you wake and feel that the dream is simply impossible? What do you do when you're feeling the blues and just can't get motivated again? How do you keep the impossible dream alive?

Simple. You find someone else who has dreamed and lived the impossible dream, and you use their story to keep you motivated. It doesn't matter whether you get inspiration from someone you know or a historical figure from a long time ago. In every generation there have been select people who have managed not only to dream but also to achieve the impossible dream.

For instance, one of our readers, Suzanne Spiers of western Australia, contributed her life story for our ezine early this year. In her story she tells of how she created and lived her impossible dream from very little. It's a story that many of us use for inspiration over and over.

You can also look at people like Thomas Edison (how many light bulbs did he actually design before one worked?) or Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is one of the most celebrated figures in our history, yet very few people know that his life and career consisted of 15 major events, 12 of which were complete failures. Does this tell you something about the nature of his persistence?

There are hundreds of stories out there that can inspire you. If you're not sure where to look, check out the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series. Or, to read Suzanne's story again, send a blank email to Thanks again Suzanne for sharing your story with us!






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