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Easy Allergy Prevention
by Alan Joel

As spring approaches the earth begins to awaken and flowers begin to bloom. Ahhh, yes, those flowering trees and plants are beautiful to look at, but they also signal the beginning of allergy season!

To prevent allergy symptoms this spring, get an early start with these easy steps. Thousands of people have used this approach and found it to be both simple and effective.

  • Take enzymes with each meal before symptoms start.
  • Take 2-4 acidophilus each morning before breakfast.
  • When symptoms start, add 2-4 enzymes between meals
  • Drink plenty of water

These simple steps provide the raw materials for your body to handle the pollen attack. Enzymes break down the pollen "shell," which produces the symptoms, while the acidophilus invigorates the immune function and prevents your immune system from overreacting. This approach works best if you start before the allergy symptoms appear and continue until the allergy season is over. All these products are available online at Prosperity Abounds.






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