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Why Eat Breakfast?
by Alan Joel

If you're short on time and energy, it can be tempting to skip breakfast. But studies show that breakfast might be the healthiest and most important meal of the day. In fact, eating breakfast can help you:

  • LEARN: According to Tufts University, "Children who participated in the School Breakfast Program were shown to have significantly higher standardized achievement test scores than eligible non-participants."
  • BE HAPPIER: Studies done by the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School show that eating breakfast can prevent irritability, fatigue, and anger.
  • BE THIN: Researchers from the National Weight Control Registry found that eating breakfast was a successful long term strategy for losing weight and keeping weight off for 78% of the people in their registry.

Plus, breakfast tastes great! To make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need for body and mind, you might also consider adding whole food supplements to your breakfast. Simplexity's Super Blue Green Algae Essentials are a simple and affordable way to go. They include:

  • Blue Green Algae: for mental clarity and physical energy
  • Acidophilus and Bifidus: for strong immunity and proper digestion
  • Enzymes: for full digestion and no after-meal tiredness
You can order Essentials online at Prosperity Abounds.






Prosperity Abounds is dedicated to distributing the best organic, wild, whole foods
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