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How To Be An Enlightened Millionaire
by Alan Joel

Have you read "One Minute Millionaire" by Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen yet? If not, you won't want to miss out on the great wealth stories and tips in this book-all of which help you become an Enlightened Millionaire.

Enlightened Millionaires realize that there is a spiritual dimension to wealth. They understand that this unseen world is the source of infinite abundance. They unite themselves with it and they become infinitely abundant also. How do you tap into this infinite network?

  • Embrace the Spiritual:
    Through prayer, meditation, connecting with your higher self and living life from that place.

  • Live A Life of Integrity:
    Living in harmony with the infinite network and the world around you ensures long- term success.

  • Tithe:
    Enlightened Millionaires donate the first 10% of their incomes to the charities and/or churches in their communities. If you go behind the scenes of most great fortunes - John D. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Oprah, Henry Ford and countless others, you will find one common pattern. The more they gave, the more they got. Tithing works because giving expands money. Just like water has three forms - ice, liquid, and vapor - Mark and Robert explain that money exists in three dimensions: the frozen state (material), the liquid state (mental) and the ethereal or spiritual state. When we give from an attitude of gratitude, it thrusts us from the material state into the ethereal or spiritual dimension. Tithing is a money multiplier. "God Knows where the gold is." Tithing is one way to become a partner with All Wealth.

  • Acknowledge the Spiritual Dimension:
    Gratitude is a great gift in itself. Living life with this attitude makes life a joyful experience, increases success, and reduces stress.

  • Dream Impossible Dreams:
    When you and your team have a big purposeful dream and everyone stays positive about its accomplishment, the infinite network becomes a major player.

  • Affirmations:
    Create them from your dream and vision. Bring your desires to life using all your senses. See, smell, taste, hear, and feel your life, as you would love it to be. A great foundation affirmation is "I am an enlightened millionaire!"

Blessings to you on your Journey to Enlightened Wealth!








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