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Excitement is Prosperous
by Alan Joel

There are so many books, tapes and self-help videos on prosperity out there that it can be really hard to decide what really makes us prosperous. It seems like it's something different for every person. For some people, it's real estate. For others, it's a spiritual practice. Should you focus on the material plane or the physical plane to achieve prosperity?

One of the themes that runs through almost every book and tape on prosperity, though, is the factor of excitement. Almost every prosperity guru agrees that excitement is a crucial key to prosperity. Why? Because excitement is a multiplying factor that makes everything bigger, including your level of prosperity.

What does that mean for your prosperity? That however you want to achieve your own prosperity - whether through real estate, spiritual practice, cutting expenses or starting a new business - you need to pick a method that really excites you. When you're excited about something, you are able to overcome a lot of resistance and barriers that would otherwise stop you. Excitement is like a tidal wave that carries you to prosperity.

How can you use excitement on a daily basis to carry yourself to prosperity? It's simple - find as many things as possible to get excited about. Here are some suggestions:

  • Find a Reason to Get Out of Bed Each Morning:
    Start your day off right with a good dose of excitement. You don't have be excited about any one thing - excitement about anything will do.

  • Practice Excitement:
    In our society, excessive expression can be frowned upon and we are taught to not "count our chickens before the eggs hatch." All of this social scripting prevents us from getting excited - so we're out of practice. Practice being excited about at least one thing each day, even if it feels a little strange at first - it will pay big dividends.

  • Be Excited About the Journey:
    If you can't find something specific to be excited about each day, end your day feeling excited about the journey to prosperity. While this journey can sometimes feel endless, excitement will speed your progress and make it more fun!

Remember, excitement makes everything bigger, faster and more fun, so give it a shot!








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