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Fast Healing for Cuts and Scrapes
by Alan Joel

Cuts and scrapes are inevitable in life. Here's a quick remedy for healing cuts and scrapes without scarring:

  • Mix powdered algae and acidophilus together and sprinkle on the wound. The mixture will stop the bleeding and start the healing process. You can also add Goldenseal if desired.
  • When the wound starts to heal, mix whole bluegreen algae, Goldenseal, acidophilus and Enzymes with pure water (no chlorine) into a paste and apply daily. Rinse off when dry.
  • Once the wound is healed, rub cold pressed olive oil onto the area 2-3 times daily to complete the healing process without scarring.

You can buy goldenseal powder and cold-pressed olive oil at your health food store. You can buy bluegreen algae, enzymes and acidophilus online. It's important to use the whole algae form because it has been processed at low temperatures which maintains its healing properties.








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