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Five Ways to Make Fitness Easy
by Alan Joel

Getting fit always seems like a good idea, but when it comes right down to it most of us have a hard time making it a reality. We'd love to be able to work out at the gym 4 to 5 times a week, but with work or school plus all the daily activities of life, it can be a real chore. Here are some quick ways to make fitness an easy and effective part of your life:

    Choose a gym that's on the way to or from work or school makes it easy to drop in morning or evening. Don't make yourself drive a long way-make it convenient.

    Much of our reluctance about working out comes from not wanting to feel sore or tired. If you fuel your body, though, you'll fly through workouts and get much more benefit from every hour you put in. Bluegreen algae has tons of antioxidants and nutrients that will keep you going and keep you from getting sore. Order online at

    Make time during the week to workout. Instead of just getting up each day and hoping you'll have time for a workout, actually schedule your workouts as you would schedule any other engagement.

    There's nothing for motivation like a buddy who expects you to show up for your workout. Whether you're walking, bicycling or going to the gym, a buddy is just enough incentive and competition to get you going!

    Pick times to workout that will work with the schedule you already have. If you work late all the time, trying to get to the gym after work isn't a good idea. Go for the early morning burn instead!








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