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Healing With Bluegreen Algae
by Alan Joel

Do you know that there is a major difference between just making symptoms of illness disappear and true healing? Most of the medications and even herbal supplements that we take today are useful in suppressing symptoms of illness, so we can get on with our daily lives.

However, at some time we need to truly heal the causes of those symptoms or they will just build up within us, resulting later in a much greater disease state. One of the best ways to heal, naturally, is with bluegreen algae. On a physical level, bluegreen algae provides all the physical nutrients that our bodies need to repair, replenish and rejuvenate. On other levels, this algae has been clinically shown to improve sleep, self esteem, confidence, joy and more.

The best thing about bluegreen algae is that it works with every part of your system - body, mind and spirit. It helps you uncover, discover and discard those states of illness (whether in body, mind or spirit) that you no longer need. It suppresses nothing. Want a quick guide to help you get started? Try this:

  • For greater joy - CoQ10 with algae (nourishes the heart shen)
  • For self esteem - Bidifus with algae (restores the esteem we had at birth)
  • For overall improvement - Combo packets of algae, probiotics and enzymes
  • For letting go - Enzymes (for digesting old beliefs)

You can order all of these products online.

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