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Anti-Aging and Longevity
Digestion and Intestinal Health
Energy, Nutrition, and Handling Stress
General Health and Fitness
Skin & Hair Care
Wealth and Prosperity
Weight Loss


Gift Your Pets with Vibrant Natural Health
Is Your Pet Depressed? Natural Solutions
What is The Gentle Barn and How You Can Help via New Earth
Is Your Dog Limping?
Animals and Allergies
Animal Feeding Guide for Simplexity Products
Essential Nutrients for Animals
Immunity For Your Furry Friends
Natural Diets for Your Pets
Pet Food Nutrition: Dos and Don'ts
Shiny Happy Pets

Anti-Aging and Longevity
7 Ways to Have a Healthy Happy Heart
Dem Bones, Dem Bones! The Low Down on Bone Density
Adult Stem Cells and Their Role in Healthy Aging
7 Tips for Healthy Aging
Easy Joint Health to Keep You Active
Healthy Aging with Brain Superfoods
Graceful Aging is a Lifestyle
Aging Gracefully: Staying Flexible and Active Naturally
Aging Gracefully: Bone Density and Health
Boost Your Stem Cells with Nutrition to Boost Your Youth!
What is Inflammation and What to Eat to Avoid It
Aging Gracefully by Eating Well
Healthy Aging - 5 Ways to Sharpen Your Aging Brain
5 Ways to Prevent Memory Loss as a Part of Aging Gracefully
Healthy Aging Doesn't Have to Put a Dent in Your Wallet!
Are You a Mutant and Can You Help It?
Is Your Lifestyle Heart Healthy?
Want to Age Gracefully? 5 Simple Steps
Natural Solutions for Staying Active as You Age
Natural Solutions for Circulation and Heart Function
Avoid Being a Vegetable in Old Age: Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
The Big Three Causes of Aging
What's the Big Deal About Stem Cells?
Simple Ways to Reverse Aging
Top 10 Ways To Live A Longer, Happier Life

Digestion and Intestinal Health
The Gut-Brain Connection: How Healthy Food Affects Your Brain's Reactions
Good Digestion for Even the Worst Junk Food Junky
Sugar Cravings? Yikes ... What to Do After Your Sugar Fix!
What is Indigestion and How to Avoid the Embarrassment and Discomfort
What Supplements Should I Take?
5 Ways to Avoid Heartburn This Holiday Season
Got Gas? Natural Solutions to Avoid It!
How to Help Constipation
Montezuma's Revenge: Avoiding the Symptoms
Don't Dine Without Enzymes
Probiotics for Constipation Relief
Enzymes for Digestion--Why Bother?
Holiday Feasting? Go For It!
Clean Up Your Act With Enzymes
Fix Fast Food Follies -- Fast!
Probiotics -- Great Digestions for Life
Test Your Digestion
The Benefits of Acidophilus
The Straight Poop on Cleansing
Top 5 Benefits of Chewing Your Food

Energy, Nutrition, and Handling Stress
Natural Solutions for Focus and Attention
5 Simple Strategies for a Naturally Good Mood
Been Venting your Spleen? That's Probably Why You Are Tired
Got Burnout? Natural Supplements So You Can Enjoy Life Again
5 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy
Energy Crisis? Fuel Your Body Simply and Naturally
The Power of Micronutrients for Super Health
The Holiday Pre-Season Anti-Stress Guide
Burned Out? Natural Solutions That Can Help
The Secret to Avoiding the Midday Slump
Is Stress Messing with Your Immune System?
Nutrition Hacks for Busy People
Want High Energy? Get the Missing Link
5 Simple Ways to Renew Your Body and Mind
Fats: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
ZZZ's How to Sleep Like a Baby Through the Night
How Trans-Fats Affect Your Memory
Are You Missing These Critical Nutrients in Your Diet?
How to Get More Greens? No Sweat
How Food and Fatigue are Connected
Fabulous Fungi for Your Health
There Are Fats and Then There Are Fats
Crave Snacks? Defeat Your Hunger to Stay Healthy
Natural Solutions to Stop Stress
How 5 Minutes of "Me Time" Can Save Your Life
Simple Ways to Eat Healthy During the Holiday Rush
7 Ways to Kick the Sugar Habit
Eat Superfoods for Super Health
Could Wild Foods Be a Crucial Part of Sustainable Living?
Can Whole Food Supplements Reduce Your Food Budget?
Can Service and Your Career Intersect? Yes!
Why You Only Need Micro Amounts of Micronutrients
Reasons to Buy Sustainable Food
Make Your Paleo Diet More Affordable with These Capsules
What is the Paleo Diet?
How to Increase Energy with Good Mood Foods
Mood and Food: The Missing Link
Stress and the Holidays
5 Natural Solutions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Gain Muscle Lose Fat: A Simple Tip
Nutrition for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
How to Build Self-Esteem and Bifidus
Anxious or Nervous? Maybe Your Brain Cells are Starving
Vegan Nutrition: Getting Enough B12?
Daily Energy--Feed Your Cells,Silly!
Food for Stress Relief
Stress Relief - Natural Solutions
Natural Ways To Feel Calm
Are You Getting Enough Green?
Beat the Low Energy Blues
Cinnamon: Mr. Clean for Your Food
CoEnzyme Q10
Daily Energy - Get Yours from 3 Simple Sources
Did You Get Enough Chlorophyll Today?
Eating for Stress
Fast Food Makeover
Flower Essences for Rocky and Uncertain Times
Got Milk? Maybe You Shouldn't
Health in a Packet
How To Have High Octane Energy
Holiday Stress and Emergency Kit
Jump Start Your Energy
Modern Food Choices
No Time for Breakfast? Drink It!
Permission To Eat Chocolate
Simple Holiday Energy Boost
Stuck in a Food Rut? Want to Get Out?
Will the Real Green Tea Please Stand Up?

General Health and Fitness
5 Things Most People Don't Know About Healthy Brain Function
Ways to Avoid Brain Fog
Natural Solutions for Aches and Pains
There Really is a "Happy Pill"
Got Brain Fog? This Will Help!
Confused About Terms Like GMO, Halal and Kosher? Get Clarity Here
Natural Solutions for a Happy Mouth
How a Healthy Brain Equals a Quiet Mind
Can Hawaiians Help You with Pain?
Want to Know What's In Your Food? We Won't Lie to You
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Movement is Life! Keep Moving With These Easy Tips
New Year, New You, New Body and Mind!
Build Your Best Body Naturally
Getting Fit While Avoiding the "No Pain, No Gain" Syndrome
Why Natural Supplements Beat Synthetic Ones for Mood and Memory
Get a Dose of Sunshine Inside and Out
Winter Allergy Symptoms and Natural Solutions for Relief
Natural Solutions for Spring Activities
Getting Fit: Natural Solutions to Ease the Ouch!
Ready to Learn How to Have More Joy in Your Life?
How to Have a Healthy Brain: Eat These Brain Foods
Healthy Aging: How to Help Your Aging Teeth
Health Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Save $$ on Supplements
Have a Fitness Goal for the New Year? Simple Tips to Get You Started
Need Healing? Thoughts and Natural Solutions
What's Your Dental Health IQ?
Natural Solutions: 7 Ways to Say Goodbye to Allergies
Three Reasons Getting Healthy is Like Gardening
How to Get Health Insurance for $40 a Month . . . When you Can't Afford, Don't Have, or Can't Get Health Insurance!
Natural Solutions to Allergies
Stroke Risk Factors: Look at Your Hands and Feet
What Can Lower Blood Pressure? CoEnzyme Q10 and Melatonin
Allergic Reactions to Food
How to Take Supplements and Have Fun with Them!
What is GMP by NSF International?
Let Your Body Tell You What You Need
Back Pain: Natural Solutions for Back Support
3 Simple, Silly, Serendipitous Ways to Create Joy in Your Life
78 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health
100 Trillion Reasons to Eat Right
Acidophilus: The Quick and the Dead
Algae AD/HD Connection
Algae Research -- Results Are In!
Antioxidants For A High Performance Body
Avoiding Spring Allergies
Be Kind to Your Knees
Better Healthcare: Surgery with a Warranty
Bust Up Nasty Colds and Flus
Castor Oil Packs (PDF)
Close Encounters With The Flu
Detoxification: Just the Facts
Easy Allergy Prevention
Easy Ways to Recover from Holiday Junk Food
Eat Light to be Bright
Eat Like Your Children
Eating Your Way
Enzymes - The Key to Longevity
Exercise for Your Brain
Fast Healing for Cuts and Scrapes
Five Ways to Make Fitness Easy
Flower Essences for Gentle, Natural Healing
Healing With Bluegreen Algae
Healthy Living Made Simple
Heart Healthy Habits
How Much Water Should You Really Drink?
How to Avoid Heartburn
How to Feel Great This Winter
How to Get Flexible
Hydrate Yourself -- Four Simple Ways
Inexpensive Natural Ways To Heal
It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood
Life Is A Meal
Natural Foods Defined
Natural Remedies for Common Ailments
Natural Summertime Defense
New Year, New Body
Nutritional Medicine
Organic Foods Defined - More Than Natural
Preventing Pollen Allergies and How to Reduce Symptoms
Quick Fixes -- From Acid Reflux to Zits
Recharge While You Sleep
Recipes for Health
Rocket Boosters for Your Cells
Shield Yourself Against Nasty Colds and Flus
Your Fitness: Why the South Beach Diet Is Not Working in South Beach
Stop Allergies in Their Tracks
Super Blue Green Algae and Menopause
The "No Sweat" Approach to Lean Muscles
The Power of Joy
The Sugar Controversy
Uses of Simplexity's Super Blue Green Algae
Why Eat Breakfast?

7 Power Foods That Boost Your Immune System
Signs That Your Immune System Needs a Boost
The Magic of Mushrooms
5 Ways to Improve Immunity This Winter
Holiday Immune Booster Tips
How to Increase Immunity with Natural Solutions
Healthy Living for Improved Immunity
Avoid Nasty Cold and Flu Bugs While Traveling
Your Immune System: 7 Ways to Avoid Putting it at Risk with the Flu
What is Leaky Gut Syndrome Part 2 - Symptoms
5 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Immune System
Do I Have the Flu or Do I Have a Cold? It Matters How You Treat It
7 Natural Solutions to Beat Colds and Flus
Got Chronic Pain? Natural Solutions to Support Your Body
Back to School: How to Boost Your Child's Immune Function
Antioxidant Therapy: Natural Solutions
Natural Solutions for Immune Support
Weak Immune System? Boost It!
Boost Your Immune System Now
Can You Catch Cold from Cold Weather?
Boosting Immunity Naturally
Do-It-Yourself Super Immunity
Getting Peak Immunity
Immunity and Your Emotions
New Stemplex Stem Cell Product
Stay Healthy This Winter - Four Tips
Stem Cell Research Issues -- What's the Big Fuss?
Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Skin & Hair Care
How to Have Great Skin at Any Age
Is Your Lifestyle Messing with Your Skin?
Enhancing Youthful Skin from the Inside Out
Natural Solutions for Better Hair
How to Get Clear Skin with Simple Home Recipes
Foods for Healthy Hair
How to Have Good Skin: 1.6 Million Reasons to Update Your Skincare Regimen
Skincare Routine: Keep it Simple
All-Natural Homemade Facial Masks
CoQ10 for Gorgeous Summer Skin
Fast, Natural Relief for Itchy Skin
Get Your Skin in Shape for Summer

Wealth and Prosperity
Read the Journey to Enlightened Wealth
A New Year's Story of Wealth
A Story of Wealth and Starting Small
Adversity as a Force For Prosperity
Algae to the Rescue: Seven Great Uses
Anything is Possible
Appreciation Attracts Prosperity
Are You in the Best Cash Flow Quadrant?
Attitude Attracts
Becoming Financially Literate
Beg, Borrow, Create
Bite-Sized Chunks of Commitment
Build Wealth Even Before You Have Money
Conquering the Top 10 Fears About Wealth
Consistency-A Key Spiritual Principle for Business Success
Creating Virtual Wealth
Developing Consistency for Success
Digest Your Old Beliefs of Lack
Do You Want Wealth or Prosperity?
Don't Work for Your Money, Make it Work for You
Excitement is Prosperous
Enlightened Wealth, Part I
Enlightened Wealth, Part II
Expand Your Time
Get a Real Taste of Wealth
Getting Specific About Prosperity
Gifts of Wealth You Can Give Yourself
Gratitude For Wealth Building Habits
How a Down and Out Baseball Player Boosted His Income 700 Per Cent in Ten Short Days
How To Be An Enlightened Millionaire
How to Do Something for Yourself Financially
How to Get Into Wealthy Cash Flow Quadrants
How to Keep the Impossible Dream Alive
How to Live Like a King For a Day
Ideas for Prosperity
Investing: Start Small and it will Get Bigger
"It Came to Pass" as a Prosperity Mantra
It's Not the Size of Your Bank Account That Matters
Keep Prosperity In View at All Times
Learn How To Speak The Language Of Wealth
Letting Go of Your Financial Past
Live Skinny and Have a Fat Checkbook
Love Saving Money
Manifesting Too Slowly? Check Your Conflicting Desires!
Market For Life
Marketing: Do It With Style
Master Prosperity, Not Money
Mental, Emotional and Physical Prosperity
Mistaking Your Way to Success
Never Give Up on Wealth
Passion Produces Prosperity
Pay Yourself First
Physical and Spiritual Solutions for Prosperity
Placemat Exercise for Prosperity
Plan for Wealth
Practice Certainty
Prosperity Book Shelf
Prosperity Consciousness is Easier Than You Think
Prosperity is Vibrant Health
Prosperity Starts in the Morning
Prosperity Your Way!
Prosperous Thinking
PSSSST! You're in the Wrong Cash Flow Quadrant
Quotables About Money
Reminding Yourself of Prosperity
Respect Yourself to Build a Respectable Bank Balance
Simple Can Be Prosperous
Simple Solutions for a New Year
Start Small and Your Wealth Will Get Bigger
Solving The Riddle Of Prosperity
Spiritual Principles of Prosperity
Straight Talk About Money
Stretching Towards Prosperity
Take Time To Release The Old
Test Marketing: Fast, Cheap and Easy
The 3 Ps Of Prosperity
Top 10 Myths About Wealth
Top Wealth Myths
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 1
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 2
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 3
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 4
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 5
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 6
Top Wealth Creating Habits, Part 7
Two Get Wealthy Faster Than One
Using the Laws of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and Allowing
Wealth and Other Priorities
Wealth and Prosperity Book List
What Would a Wealthy Person Do?
Wisdom About Saving Money
Your Cubic Centimeter of Chance
You Don't Want To Be A Rat Forever, Do You?

Weight Loss
Natural Solutions for Weight Control During the Holidays
How to Get a Flat Stomach, Finally!
The Flat Stomach Diet Anyone Can Use
Flat Belly Foods to Help You Get That Flat Stomach
Best Ways to Stay on Track with Your Diet
Weight Loss Tips for Busy People: Part 1
Natural Weight Loss the Easy Way
Foods and Supplements for Weight Management
5 Natural Weight Loss Strategies
7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
How to Fight Fat with These Foods and Supplements
Best Healthy Foods for High Energy Workouts
How to Slim Down with Chocolate, Really!
How to Slim Down: 5 Strategies You Can Use Right Now
Fat Fighters: 7 Ways to Fight Fat
Belly Fat: What You May Not Know plus Natural Solutions
Did You Know That Lack of Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain? How to Avoid This!
Want to stay Slim or Even Lose Weight This Winter? Simple Natural Solutions
Enzyme Therapy for Weight Loss and More
Fight Hidden Fat
Five Ways to Stay Slim This Winter
Get Your Fat Burning Fix To Get Slim
Not All Calories Are Equal
Stress and Weight Loss
Weight Loss Building Blocks: Start with Your Health
Weight Loss Humor



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