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Inexpensive Natural Ways To Heal
by Alan Joel

One of the key ways to build wealth is to save the money you earn. Rather than paying for a doctor's visit or buying off the shelf remedies this summer, try some of these natural and healthy ways to heal from minor summer time aches and pains with New Earth (formerly Cell Tech)'s all natural, organic products:

  • Poison Ivy, Sunburn or Bug Bites:
    Empty one capsule each of whole bluegreen algae and acidophilus into a small dish. Mix with non-chlorinated water until it forms a paste. Apply over the affected area to stop itching and swelling.

  • Sprains and Bruises:
    Chew 10-20 wheat sprouts and algae tablets, then take 2-4 enzymes each hour. Both will reduce the swelling and speed healing. Add 2 capsules of coenzyme Q10 morning and night to reduce soreness and pain.

  • Open Cuts and Scrapes:
    Sprinkle whole bluegreen algae into the cut to stop the bleeding, speed healing and prevent scar tissue.

  • Indigestion:
    Too much picnic food? For kinds stomach upset, take 2-4 enzymes and a teaspoon of olive oil. For diarrhea, take 4 bifidus before bed. To prevent stomach upset, always take enzymes with your meals - don't dine without enzymes!

  • Colds, Flus and Allergies:
    Feel a summertime bug coming on? Stop viruses and germs in their tracks by taking 8-10 acidophilus at once. This volume of acidophilus will kick your immune system into high gear and is much healthier than antibiotics.

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