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Jump Start Your Energy
by Elinda McKenna

In his book "Healing with Whole Foods," Paul Pitchford states, "Food combining and most other successful nutritional guidelines follow a central physiological principle: Proper and complete assimilation of food is a result of the action of digestive enzymes. Different types of food (even foods within the same group, such as two different grains) require their own unique enzymes." When a wide variety of ingredients are included in the same meal, the body is not prepared to digest everything equally. Those that the body caters to are digested and their nutrients assimilated, but the others are left out, often causing digestive disturbances that can include intestinal gas, abdominal pain and swelling. Degenerative diseases often stem from poor eating habits.

Pitchford goes on to say, "What we have discovered is that people with allergic reactions to certain foods are not always allergic to those foods but are reacting to poor food combinations." When food allergies are common, food combining can be used to lessen the effects. Chlorophyll-rich foods such as micro-algae (blue-green algae) and cereal grasses may be utilized, since they contain immune-enhancing, anti-inflammatory properties as well as an abundant supply of Omega 3 and/or GLA fatty acids (these enhance good health).

Eating simply is a great way to preserve your health and vitality, as well as support an energetic lifestyle. Taking enzymes with meals also helps the body's digestive function and ability to assimilate nutrients. To order blue green algae or enzymes, order online.





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