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Letting Go of Your Financial Past
by Alan Joel

If you shudder and play ostrich every time you look at your financial situation, it's time to yank your head out of the sand. OK, so maybe you haven't been a saint when it comes to your finances, but so what? Do you want to stay stuck in that place forever, or do you want to get started on your way to wealth?

No matter where you are today, you are still qualified to become a wealthy person. The first requirement is that you take a good strong look at your financial past so you'll know what to avoid, and then let it go. The past is definitely water under the bridge. No matter what you think you should have or could have done in the past to change your financial situation, it no longer matters. If you have made some mistakes, then you have joined the club of the truly wealthy. Almost every wealthy person has made many, many financial mistakes - it's the only way to learn.

Only when you can look at your current financial situation with both eyes open and no shame can you take your first steps toward wealth. For instance, if you're saddled with too much credit card debt, you can only decide how to handle that debt when you are free from heavy emotions like guilt, shame and blame. You need a clear head so you decide whether to sell off assets, pay the debt off in a planned way, file for bankruptcy or go for credit counseling.

So if you're tired of looking at the same old checkbook and bills, take the first step to financial freedom. Let the past stay in the past, and zoom forward to the future. There is no shame in learning the hard way, only in living in hard times and not learning from them! Get this lesson down and you've just installed another top wealth building habit into your life.




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