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Master Prosperity, Not Money
by Alan Joel

When we're in a place of lack it's easy to focus on what don't have. We may not have enough money, resources, time or energy. It's natural to focus on getting what we need at any cost. For instance, we may take the first job that comes along to fill the money gap, and while that may temporarily pay the bills we never stop to truly examine the causes of our lack.

Just filling the money gap keeps us in the cycle of poverty because it keeps us from mastering whatever factors keep us from life long prosperity. If you find yourself in a position of lack, make a decision to do things differently this time around. Make a decision to master prosperity, not money. If you set your aim on lifelong prosperity rather than just money, you won't be afraid to look at opportunities and situations that you would otherwise ignore. These opportunities may include risk or may ask you to work harder than you otherwise would. They may also ask you to face whatever inner demons or belief systems keep you in the cycle of poverty.

A small change in the present produces a larger change in the future. You may not know how you will master prosperity at this moment in time - and that's OK. Just by making the decision to do something differently, to focus on prosperity rather than just money, you will change your life. New opportunities, people and situations will come your way - opportunities for growth and mastery. So if you are ready to get out of lack and into prosperity, put your focus on mastering prosperity. Remember, it's not just about money but about prosperity in every area of your life. Decide that however long it takes or whatever it takes you are willing and ready. Write your commitment on paper so you will remember it when the going gets rough. Then, take a deep breath and dive in. Your life will change - be prepared!




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