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Natural Remedies for Common Ailments
by Alan Joel

As spring and summer approach you might want to get yourself a natural emergency kit ready. Check out these natural remedies and enjoy low cost and effective ways to heal yourself!

  • Whole Bluegreen Algae and CoQ10:
    Too much partying? Too little energy? Two capsules or tablets of whole bluegreen alagae and two CoEnzyme Q10s will perk you up!

  • Acidophilus:
    Feel a cold or flu coming on? Take 6-10 at once, then 2 every 2 hours to stop the cold or flu before it starts.

  • Enzymes:
    Take 2 with and between meals to help with overeating, stomach upset, sleepiness after meals or general cleansing.

  • Ume Plum Tar:
    Quickly gets rid of stomach viruses, flus and other ailments. Restores natural ph balance in the digestive tract. Be sure and use tar formula, not pills.

  • Chamomile:
    Homeopathic remedy that helps release tension and normalize sleep patterns during times of stress. Take 30c strength.

  • Arnica:
    Homeopathic remedy that eases all forms of muscle strain quickly. Take 30c strength.

  • Rescue Remedy:
    Flower essence that helps with any kind of trauma or stress - mental, physical or spiritual.

  • Olive Oil:
    Drink one teaspoon to cure many kinds of stomach upset or constipation. Massage into sore joints to relieve pain and into scar tissue to minimize scars.

  • Glycothymelene:
    An old Edgar Cayce remedy that clears blocked sinuses (snort it) or eases sore throats (gargle it). Hundreds of other uses, too.
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