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Practice Certainty
by Alan Joel

When it comes to prosperity, most of us already know how to ask the Universe for help. The key to asking the Universe for what we want is to be specific - ask for what you want and tell the Universe when you want it. That's the easy part.

What most of us have difficulty with is the next phase - allowing the Universe to fulfill our desires. In this process, we ask for what we want, then stand back and allow the Universe to fulfill our desires. But instead of standing back and allowing the Universe to do its job, most of us get really busy. We worry, fret, meddle, sweat, get irritable or panic. In short, we get in the way.

What we should be doing, though, is practicing certainty. Esoteric teachings tell us that we can only attract and keep the level of prosperity for which we have the consciousness. So, instead of worrying, we should focus on increasing the level of our consciousness. In other words, practice the feeling of certainty that all that you ask for will be delivered to you.

"Practice certainty?" you say. Yes, practice certainty. Practice feeling as if you already have what you want. If you do nothing else for your prosperity, practice this feeling. Here's a quick 3-step process to get you started.

  1. Ask the Universe for what you want.
  2. Immediately after asking, thank the Universe and feel a feeling of certainty settling over you. Take a deep breath and practice feeling that you already have what you want.
  3. Any time you feel worry or fear about not getting what you ask for, practice the feeling of certainty again.

At first, the feeling of certainty may be fleeting - you may only get a taste or glimpse of it before fear and worry settle in. Don't give up. Keep trying. Like everything else, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you get, the higher your consciousness is raised and the more prosperity you can attract and keep. Have fun with this!



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