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Prosperity Book Shelf
by Alan Joel

In addition to the physical side of wealth creation, you also have to understand the spiritual and prosperity side of things. Here's a great list of metaphysical, practical and hands-on books that will help you delve into the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of your prosperity. Setting time aside each day to read some of these texts can really make a huge change in your prosperity mentality!

"Spiritual Economics: The Principles and Process of True Prosperity"
Minister Eric Butterworth writes about the spiritual principles behind prosperity. It's a book that perfectly blends spiritual guidance with practical wisdom and a hands-on approach to prosperity. A great read!

"The Trick to Money is Having Some"
Having money isn't just about serious business or making lots of it, you have to love the game as well! Stuart Wild helps you get into the game rather than worrying or being too serious!

"The Courage to be Rich"
Suze Orman teaches us about our negative emotional patterns about wealth and being rich. Because our emotions are tied into our money, until we take a good look at our emotions, we can begin to walk the path to wealth and riches. A great read filled with practical tips on how to get control of your emotions and create a pathway to financial freedom.

"Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings"
Lynn Grabhorn does a great job in this book teaching us how to move past our old habits and patterns regarding money and how to get into the joyful vibrations of attracting prosperity. A great metaphysical text on the laws of attraction.

"A New Beginning I: Handbook For Joyous Survival"
Jerry and Esther Hicks work with channeled teachers called Abraham, and in this book they explain in simple terms the eye-opening fundamentals of living a life of wealth, health and happiness. This phenomenal book covers everything from how to create whatever you want with deliberate intention, to how to discover your life purpose, and even how to improve your relationships with others--as well as yourself. A definite must for your prosperity booklist.

"Your Heart's Desire"
If you do well with workbooks, this guide by Sonia Choquette is for you. She shares the nine universal principles for creating your own reality, and offers you step-by-step ways to put those principles into effect in your own life. Practical and useful!



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