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Prosperity Starts in the Morning
by Alan Joel

According to ancient esoteric teachings on prosperity, the way you start something heavily influences the ultimate result. For instance, if you start a project at work with dread and loathing, chances are the project won't turn out well. On the other hand, if you start a project with excitement and enthusiasm, you'll probably have a positive effect on everything related to the project, and everything will turn out well.

The same is true of your prosperity. The level of your prosperity is determined each and every day, and it starts with the way that you meet your day. How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Are you groggy and cranky or are you filled with vitality and Spirit? Do you look forward to the day or do you put yourself into a foxhole, waiting for the work day to end so you can go back to bed?

How you start your morning is often a deciding factor in how the rest of your day plays out. When your alarm rings in the morning, instead of leaping out of bed (or dragging yourself out of bed) and jumping in the shower, pause for a moment. Take a few minutes to feel the sensations in your body, see the sun streaming in through the windows and feel the gloriousness of a new day. Every new day is a clean slate on which you get to manifest something brand new.

If you use affirmations, this is a good time to say them out loud. Otherwise, just find a few happy thoughts and feelings to immerse in for a few moments. If someone rains on your parade during the day, these happy thoughts will be the raincoat that shields your positive state of mind. The more positive you are the more prosperity you will create. Whether you choose to start your day with trumpets blaring or quiet thoughts, start off on solid footing when you step out of bed - it makes all the difference in the world!



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