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Keep Prosperity In View at All Times
by Alan Joel

Even if you've read 50 books on prosperity it can be hard to keep prosperity in mind at all times. There are all kinds of events that can trigger old beliefs about poverty. For instance, suppose you're feeling happy and prosperous when all of sudden you receive a mailbox full of bills that you don't have the money for. What happens? You fall into a mental and emotional slump. Panicky thoughts and black emotions cloud your vision and all you can see is hopelessness. This is why we have a hard time staying in prosperity consciousness! We've been in a rut so long that we go into poverty thinking without any effort. In fact, the channeled being Yahweh says humans define prosperity as "that which we cannot have." Lovely, isn't it?

So what can you do to keep prosperity in view at all times? Plan for the times when you automatically go into poverty consciousness. For instance, if you know that going to your mailbox is likely to trigger poverty consciousness, make a plan. In fact, make a plan with a buddy who also wants to achieve life long prosperity. Here's one way to handle it:
Decide that you will only process your mail once or twice a week. Make it a date. Get together with your buddy either on the phone or in person to sort through your mail. You might first do a reading about prosperity consciousness. You might remind each other that prosperity happens first in the heart and mind, then in physical reality. You also might remind each other that your main goal is to sort through the mail without going into a slump.

You might even turn it into a celebration - bake some cookies or do whatever you need to do to add levity into the situation. Then, dive in. Pay what bills you can and make arrangements for the rest. Whatever you decide, keep your aim of prosperity in front of you at all times.

You might add a few other things into your life to help you stay in prosperous thinking. Here are two resources to get you started:



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