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Acidophilus: The Quick and the Dead
by Alan Joel

There's been so much press lately about the benefits of Acidophilus and probiotics that almost everyone is familiar with it. In case you're not, Acidophilus is one of the "friendly bacteria" that live in the small intestine and help us digest our food. It's also nature's own antibiotic and can stop colds and flus in their tracks! But not all Acidophilus are equal. If you think that store bought yogurt or Acidophilus products will give you all the health benefits you've read about, think again!

For Acidophilus to be effective, it needs to be alive, pure, and highly concentrated (each capsule needs to have a high number of "live" pure Acidophilus cells). During the past 20 years the University of Nebraska tested more than 155 Acidophilus products collected from the U.S.A. and abroad.

Almost 70 to 80% of the samples did not measure up to numerical claims, and in fact, nearly 50% of the samples did not have even 10% of the claimed number of live microorganisms. For example, if the product was supposed to have 5 billion/gm, it might not have even 500 million/gm. More than 40 to 50% of the product had more than one species of acidophilus. Several products even had microorganisms belonging to a genus other than Lactobacillus. For example, in addition to L. acidophilus they had Streptococcus lactis. Several of the samples even had undesirable or pathogenic organisms present.

New Earth's acidophilus, however, passed all tests with flying colors. New Earth uses DDS-1 L. acidophilus, which is manufactured by an exclusive, unique process. In fact, this strain of Acidophilus is so hardy that it is resistant to damage from moisture, light, heat, oxygen and even freezer burn!

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