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Shield Yourself Against Nasty Colds and Flus
by Alan Joel

Are you tired of catching every cold that comes around every winter? Most of us wish we could go through the year without having to suffer some kind of illness. During cold weather, our bodies are under more stress as we move from heated homes and cars to freezing outdoor temperatures. We also suffer from the lack of moisture in heated environments.

This winter, if you want to kick-start your immune system, add some ImmuSun into your diet. The primary ingredient in ImmuSun is WGP Beta-Glucan, which is a specially processed part of brewer's yeast. Eating brewer's yeast by itself won't give you the same benefits since the Beta-Glucan needs to be separated out to be useful.

Adding a single capsule of ImmuSun each day to your diet causes your body to more actively defend against invading germs, viruses and antigens. The ImmuSun stimulates the macrophages into action, which in turn triggers an entire chain reaction of defense mechanisms in the body. One little capsule, one huge chain reaction.

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