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Straight Talk About Money
by Alan Joel

Even though we are supposed to be living in one of the most straightforward societies ever (we can all talk about AIDS, sex and terrorism), it seems like a lot of us have trouble talking about money-for all kinds of reasons. Some of us have a lot of debt and are afraid to look at it, much less talk about it. Some of us don't want to appear too interested in money (it's thought to be a dirty subject in some circles). Others of us find the subject a bit hopeless-after all, why talk about money problems if you can't find a solution, right? Finally, some of us just don't have someone to talk to. Our spouses and partners might not want to talk about money.

The funny thing about money is that it behaves almost like a living being. When we pay attention to our money, nurture it, and take pride in what we've earned, our money grows. Like anything in life, the more attention we put on something, the more it grows. Financial planners like Suze Orman put a lot of attention on this subject. They say that people who really pay attention to their money make it grow. Others, who stuff all their receipts into shoe boxes and pray for the best (while fearing for the worst), just dig themselves deeper into the same old money problems.

If you want to read some straight talk about money and financial situations, and how some very creative people made it through some very hard times, check out these two stories below on the Better Budgeting website. These stories will make you sit up and pay attention (and realize that you can get to where you want to go from where you are):

Creative Savers
Learning to Live on One Income





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