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Get a Real Taste of Wealth
by Alan Joel

Other articles we have written, talk about how to get into the mental and emotional space of a wealthy person by asking, "How would a wealthy person think?" We suggested imitating the mannerisms and personality of a wealthy person-either one you know or one you watched in movies.

Another great way to really experience wealth, and the entire process of creating wealth, is by playing Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow 101 Game. In this game, you're issued a set of "life conditions," including a job, salary, monthly expenses, and even a family! From this starting point, you have to create strategies to get out of the rat race. In other words, you have to develop passive income (or income that gets generated even when you're not working). You can invest in properties or the stock market, save your money for a rainy day, or spend it on "doodads" like big screen TVs. Every now and then you're hit with life events such as a divorce, more kids, or business failure.

As the game progresses (and it can take 4 or more hours to complete), you actually experience emotional highs and lows of creating wealth. You sweat when the chips are down and jump for joy when your dreams start coming true. This game really helps you understand how it FEELS to create wealth, and how wildly your emotions are likely to swing during the process. You'll also learn how to think like a wealthy person in terms of actual strategies for success.

Are you game for this? If so, get your copy either by going to Robert's website or buy a used copy on eBay. Enjoy the game!








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