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Top Wealth Myths
by Alan Joel

These are myths people hold about having wealth. If you find yourself thinking any of these myths are true, this is what you will attract. To attract wealth, think wealthy!

  1. If I could just pay off all my debt, I could start all over
  2. It's all luck (structure and planning don't matter)
  3. Wealthy people spend money like water
  4. You have to play it safe (if you've got it, hoard it)
  5. You have to be born with it
  6. You have to have to degree in business or finance or be a genius
  7. Wealth is something that happens to other people
  8. You have to start out with a lot of money to make more money
  9. You should do what your parents did
  10. If you're wealthy, you don't have to watch your money
  11. It's too late to start now
  12. I've tried it once or twice and it doesn't work
  13. More money will make it better (preferably a large sum all at once)
  14. Wealth is an impossible dream for me - there's no use in being unrealistic






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