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Let Your Body Tell You What You Need
by Alan Joel

I'm all for daily regimens, especially when it comes to nutrition and supplements. Daily regimens keep us on track and make sure that our bodies get all the support they need for physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

But ... it's 2012, and this year is all about native wisdom, listening to your inner voice, and a little bit of experimentation. If you want to add a little fun into your daily routine, you might try this simple experiment with your daily nutritional regimen. This little exercise gives your body a chance to express what it needs in terms of nutrition. How do you do this exercise? Easy.

Morning and night, and anytime in between, pick up any of your supplement bottles, especially the ones to which you feel most drawn (note: this does NOT include medications). Open the bottle and dump as any pills as want to come out of the bottle into your palm. This is how many pills your body is telling you it needs.

This exercise works great for supplements like vitamins, minerals, probiotics, whole food supplements like blue-green algae, and antioxidants. If you're not comfortable doing this experiment for long, try it for just a day or two. This will at least give you some idea of what your body craves. That's important information to take into account when planning your nutritional regimen. In this economy, when many of us are picking and choosing just which supplements to keep around, this experiment can prove very useful.

Enjoy the experiment!








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