Most of us are so busy these days that we inhale our food rather than chewing it. Did you know that when you inhale your food you’re missing out on a lot of health benefits? Chewing your food actually does a lot for your health:

  1. RELEASES VITAL NUTRIENTS: Prisoners in concentration camps used to chew water to release stored minerals – that’s how they survived starvation.
  2. PRE-DIGESTS YOUR FOOD: Your stomach has less work to do and you get less gas and indigestion
  3. WEIGHT LOSS: When you chew, you eat slower and get full on less food, spend less on groceries.
  4. HELPS YOU TASTE YOUR FOOD: Your taste buds get more time to enjoy every single bite!
  5. MAKES EATING ENJOYABLE: Eating becomes an enjoyable event rather than simply a necessity!